May 20

Our first embryo!


Thank you for subscribing to the Golden Reins' website. Richard and I decided to start a horse breeding business for reining and ranch horses that would be top-of-the-line-- both the sire and dams have a winning record! Our first mare, Kachina, has won $34,000 in competitions and has produced our FIRST EMBRYO-- by the sire, Gunnabeabigstar!!! The sire was the co-champion of the National Futurity in 2014! As of 5/15, the embryo was transferred to a surrogate mare and then tested today to make sure she was keeping it! The vet guesses it's a girl!!! In about 11 months, we'll have our first baby on the ground!

New Posts
  • We got a bit of sad news in that our first embryo was lost in the process of implanting into a surrogate. It takes a total of 12-16 days from inception to know if the embryo has attached to the surrogate's uterus and this one didn't make it. The vet thinks it's because of the quality of the embryo but there are thousands of reasons that it could be, as you can imagine. We're trying again! waiting to here that there's a new embryo any day now! Will keep you posted-- thanks for your support!